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This is a realistic take on the Vampire Strahd Von Zarovich. 

I made this file because the CR15 statblock that can be found in the official campaign book of "The curse of Strahd" seemed pretty weak in contrast to the lore and the descriptions of the real powers Strahd possesses. 

I have collected information about the "Devil's" power through the lore of all the previous editions and novels and created this version that will most likely kill your players if they are not ready for him.


The statblock in this file should only be used at the final fight and never before the characters are ready to face the devil himself!

In this file you will find a new statblock for Strahd Von Zarovich which contains:

-The fanes of widlerness!

-New legendary actions!

-New Lair actions!

-New combat adjusted spell list with 4 NEW spells made by Strahd!

-Monstrous form! ( Never anger Strahd! You don't want to see his true self! or maybe you do?) 

-Magic Equipment for Strahd!

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The Dread tunnels of Ruxbar were created by a cult of a lesser evil deity of the giant pantheon, known as Jargain to serve as a planar gate in hope of bringing chaos and destruction to the natural order of the world and power to the one who would control the gate. Ruxabar was the high cultist who completed the ritual but to his surprise nothing of what he expected came through the gate. Plague creatures, toxic gases and vapors, diseases of all kinds and decay lay quick waste to him and his cult. For some time the gate remained open and the settlements nearby were afflicted with diseases never seen before. The nearby town of Stagwood was quickly abandoned due to the plague. Rumor has it that the gods have weakened the gate and the cult has been destroyed. The remaining villages that managed to somewhat resist the plague are now hiring brave adventurers to venture into the tunnels and close the planar gate for good! Are you capable enough of surviving the horrors that reside in the Dreaded Tunnels of Ruxabar?

A story created by Mistfactor Press for parties consisted of at least 5 players of level 8. The adventure can be easily implemented into any campaign without restrictions of location or setting. It is highly recommended that you read the whole adventure before running it as it will leave players infected with the Green Filth Decay, which is a highly infectious and world changing disease.

What you get:

  • Adventure: The dreaded tunnels of Ruxabar with custom art

  • 6 New magic items

  • 1 new spell

  • 10 new monsters including Ruxabar, Plague Hydra and our cute Swarm of Decayed Jell-O Cubes and their tokens

  • 2 maps of the Dreaded Tunnels (DM's and player's version)

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A Ravenloft supplement that contains 23 different recipes for Food and Cocktails which you can prepare yourself for your players! Start with a Deep fried crawling claws appetizer or the Azalin's Salad and finish your meal with an Intellect Devourer Flambé! But be careful! Antonia, while being a great cook, is cursed! Every meal she draws with her magical brush has a negative side-effect for the one that eats it! But don't worry! The coin has two sides! Antonia is so passionate when cooking/drawing your food that her positive energy pours into it to give it a positive side-effect as well! So what are you waiting for? Enter the Cornucopia Tavern and taste the dread! 

It is recommended that you run this supplement in Ravenloft Barovia. The PCs will meet Antonia Lúpri, a female halfling who could not decide between cooking and drawing so she chose both. This supplement contains her cookbook with actual recipes for food and drinks, you can prepare yourself, 
for your players to taste, a menu handout with all the delicacies that you can print and
share and some interesting quest ideas.

This supplement can be easily implemented into any campaign without restrictions of location, 
What you get:

  • - Antonia Lúpri's Ravenloft Cookbook with art made by us.

  • - The great NPC, Antonia Lúpri with her Statblock and lore background

  • - 5 quest ideas that Antonia can give to your players

  • - 18 food recipes that can be prepared for your players to enjoy an actual Ravenloft dinner while you play

  • - 5 Dark Cocktail recipes to taste the dread!

  • - A menu handout for your players to order what they desire and feel like they are in an actual restaurant!

  • - 2 fully illustrated maps of the Cornucopia Tavern (DM's and player's version)

  • - 20 Magical side effects accompanying each dish and drink. 


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After 6 months of hard work and unlimited inspiration, I am in the pleasant position to announce that our Fan-made Community Project is finally completed!!! Over 40 people have worked to deliver 265 Yu-Gi-Oh! inspired monsters with their art and lore and its all free for download!

You can download the manual for FREE