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Ravenloft Bestiary - Monsters of the Dread Domain From Leonaru

Something is coming. You can feel it in the air all around you. You can sense it closing in and filling you with a feeling of despair. With a feeling of…dread.

The Ravenloft Bestiary by Leonaru is available on Dungeons Masters Guild for $9.99 and contains over three hundred nefarious beasts and foul creatures to use with any Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition campaign. Organized alphabetically for easy reference and following the stat block format found in the Monster Manual, the ease of inserting any entry into any adventure makes this tome a must own for anyone looking for something extra to fill out their campaign.

The Ravenloft Bestiary isn’t just limited to Barovia either. Have you wondered what foul creatures can be found in G’Henna? Look out for Golden Dogs. Falkovnia? Dangerous Zweifalk. Darkon? Beware of Skin Thieves. All of the traditional Domains are represented in the index. The Ravenloft Bestiary is broken down into several useful categories as well. Challenge Rating, Environment, Size, Type and Subtype are all options to make it easier to find the perfect fit for your campaign. Twenty-three types of lycanthropes and thirteen types of vampires are represented within the Bestiary as well. Who knew you needed a Kender Vampire or a Were-Crocodile? I have used many an entry in conjunction with The Curse of Strahd Fifth Edition campaign and the players at the table were very impressed with the entries.

Overall, the Ravenloft Bestiary is an excellent purchase for anyone looking to expand their monster portfolio and blends easily into 5th edition rules. The Bestiary is well written and well organized, however at $9.99, the price may turn some away from purchasing this excellent resource. I would recommend the Ravenloft Bestiary for anyone looking to expand their campaign into the reaches of the Demiplane of Dread.

You can find this supplement here for 9.99$

~Adrian Hurt