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Terror of the Bleak Woods

What do you fear? Werewolves? Vampires? Ghouls perhaps? If the answer to all those questions was indeed yes, look no further as the Terror of the Bleak Woods by Darrin Scott is a perfect adventure for you, traveler. The adventure is set in Barovia, more specifically in a small, poverty stricken town terrorized by the Lord Strahd von Zarovich. Legends entail that even before Strahd's transformation into a vampire, he was fascinated with the dark arts and has spent a “lifetime” experimenting with them. Those experiments have brought nothing but abominations and evil beings upon the land, and some of those you will inevitably go up against face to face, claw to claw and blade to blade. Should you survive you will live to tell the tale of bringing a little piece of heaven to this god forsaken world as well as the souls you will save and those you bring to peace. It may be worth noting that this journey is not suitable for the faint of heart. The vile monsters that crawl at your feet will be punishing, but those who raise above the level of your waist will be much, much more. Do you deem yourself worthy of a chance to survive?

The Terror of the Bleak Woods is an adventure set for those who strive towards fighting a greater source of evil, the emphasis on what is unknown and what is to be discovered gives both the players and the DM the feeling that this tells a bigger story than what seems to lay on the surface. Don’t let your gut feeling fool you though, while the concept doesn’t sound monumental or ground breaking, the adventure itself is enriched by the horror filled theme and the mystery that naturally resides within such quest. This PDF booklet of 2.65$ purchase for the Terror of the Bleak Woods, includes not only an epic story of battling some of the evil forces created by the devil himself, but also a free handout map of the whole Barovian realm, a nice little addition to an already great deal.

Over all, this supplement is a very fun little adventure to run for a medium level party and could serve as a campaign starter, a plot hook for a greater deed or even just a way for your players to pass the time while travelling. It could be embroidered into any campaign with ease and minimal effort by both sides of table. It is highly recommended you read the whole thing in its entirety before running to get a better understanding of both the setting, and the story-line that ensues.

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~Oran Gal