• Mistfactor

The Dreaded Tunnels of Ruxabar

In almost every DnD adventure, the adventurers are sure to come upon a village or a city in distress, where they will be asked to either help with or resolve an issue that has been impacting the lives of the citizens in a multitude of ways. This couldn't be more true for The Dreaded Tunnels of Ruxabar, a story created by Mistfactor Press who took this classic scenario and sought to enrich it with aspects of horror, mystery and gory storytelling creating a uniquely challenging and immersive experience.

"The Dreaded tunnels of Ruxabar were created by a cult of a lesser evil deity of the giant pantheon, known as Jargain to serve as a planar gate in hopes of bringing chaos and destruction to the natural order of the world and power to the one who would control the gate. Ruxabar was the high cultist who completed the ritual but to his surprise nothing of what he expected came through the gate. Plague creatures, toxic gases and vapors, diseases of all kinds and decay lay quick waste to him and his cult. For some time the gate remained open and the settlements nearby were afflicted with diseases never seen before. The nearby town of Stagwood was quickly abandoned due to the plague. Rumor has it that the gods have weakened the gate and the cult has been destroyed. The remaining villages that managed to somewhat resist the plague are now hiring brave adventurers to venture into the tunnels and close the planar gate for good! Are you capable enough of surviving the horrors that reside in the Dreaded Tunnels of Ruxabar?"

Having been myself one of the first to playtest this adventure, let me tell you it's certainly not for the faint of heart. From the moment you enter the cavernous tunnels filled with pestilence and brimming with decay, you realize that this is going to be one hell of a ride. Not only do you have to fight through extremely difficult and punishing encounters, you also have to continuously be on the lookout, for the entire area around you is a constant threat, with hidden traps and vile abominations looming around every corner and entire areas where even breathing is nearly impossible. The supplement itself is filled with artwork and descriptions for the various areas of the cavernous halls which serve greatly in the immersion of the players and in making the entire experience vibrant and alive. Should you be brave enough to enter this godforsaken place and embark on the adventure that will entail, you will be rewarded with an unforgettable tale and should you survive it, let me tell you, the satisfaction of overcoming all those difficulties and persisting through will be pure gold.

The Dreaded tunnels of Ruxabar not only makes for a brilliant standalone adventure, but it can also be easily implemented into any campaign without restrictions of location or setting. It is highly recommended that you read the whole adventure before running it as it will leave players infected with the Green Filth Decay, which is a highly infectious and world changing disease. You can find this supplement here for 4.95$

~Giorgos Kalimeris